This is sickening. If your God answers prayers by killing thousands of people and destroying tens of thousands of other people’s livelihoods… Fuck your God. And fuck you for praying for more of the same.

[I have removed the link to the video and its creator. Because she is a fuckwit. It’s still embedded, and you can probably click through for that info, but holy shit.]

The Grid, and Going (Not Really) Off It

I am traveling today. Off to New Hampshire for a long weekend. I am not taking my laptop.

But, as Jesus said, the Grid is always with us. I will have my Droid. My friend has multiple computers. So… I may not be able to read all the Internets I usually read, and I might not be saying a whole lot for the next few days, but it’s not like I’ll be someplace totally uncivilized, like Los Angeles.

Chrysler: Oops!


In what I laughingly call my professional life, I have occasion to advise clients on, among other things, contracts involving social media services. I know there’s nothing you can do about a disgruntled employee with the keys to the account (except fire him), but I would not want to be on the agency side of this kerfuffle.

Of course, the fact that the guy was undoubtedly spot on with his tweet adds a little ironic spice to the whole thing.


Another find in the SXSW 2011 collection. Geeks, “Shizumanu Taiyou.”

My first thought on hearing this was that they have a very Green Day vibe. Took me a minute to realize that the lyrics are in Japanese. Then I listened to the track a half a dozen times in a row trying to figure out who the lead singer’s voice reminds me of — not Billie Joe Armstrong, but definitely a punk rock voice. Maybe it’s Mike Ness of Social D?