Is it April yet? Huh? Huh? How about now?

Yeah, I’m ready NOW, thanks.

Time loops


Oh. My. God. I can’t imagine anything I would rather buy if I had stacks of excess money sitting around gathering dust than this watch. At $17,500, it’s a steal!

Remember our words: Valentine’s Day is coming.


These are gorgeous. I especially love the Hodor card. Because really, what is love if not the repetitive nonsensical ramblings of a gigantic brain-damaged stable boy?

Attention Dave

This may be relevant to your interests. (Click the link to Xtranormal.)

Bruce McCall’s Serious Nonsense (TED)

I have loved Bruce McCall’s work since I was a kid reading National Lampoon. He gave this talk at Serious Play in 2008, with a nice sampling of his stuff. Brilliant.

After all, winter *is* coming, you know.


More proof that geek culture (and couture) is taking over the world. If I were a hockey jersey wearer, I’d fill my closet with this guy’s stuff.

Happy birthday, Eddie Izzard!


50 years old, only slightly ahead of me. The Force is strong with him – as strong as a small pony.