A New Thing

I’m going to revive here a thing I was doing a while ago on Tumblr. It’s called “Book Descriptions I Didn’t Finish Reading,” and it’s primarily for my amusement, but you are all welcome to enjoy.

Also, I think we will be reviving The Coffee Thing sometime in the next month or so. Watch This Space. Well, not literally this space. This space won’t be changing very much.

Yes, well… *ahem*

So it’s been almost three years since I posted here. The place isn’t completely abandoned, though it does show quite a bit of dust, and the air is dry and slightly musty. However, a little cleanup and a new coat of paint and the old blog should be back in tip-top condition in no time. I’ve already hung the new “dansomeone.com” sign on the front door. Can the crowds of adoring readers be far behind? (Don’t answer that.)

I’ll be back shortly.

What we’ve got here… is failure to communicate.

I have been having trouble keeping to my proposed bloggination schedule. For example, I haven’t come up with any recent music discoveries to justify a Friday Finds; and Sundays are supposed to be for political/current events rants cogent analysis, but I have yet to come up with anything in that realm that inspired me enough to write about. The only consistent blogging I’ve done – if you consider three weeks in a row the height of consistency WHICH IT TOTALLY IS – has been the Game Night Recaps every Wednesday.

So I have decided to throw off the chains I forged for myself – and the low-level anxiety that comes from failing to stick to it – and just try to put something up every few days, with the GNRs on Wednesday being a regular touchpoint.

I think I have a gee-whiz tech thing for tomorrow, so don’t touch that dial!

Also, I changed the theme, which you certainly will have noticed if you read this far.

Another Idle Day

I have no gee whiz techie things to post today, because no science has happened recently. I had no political or current events things yesterday, because my Liberal Hive Mind subscription is past due, so I’ve not received the latest Outrage Update. As soon as I bring my account current, I am sure I will have many wonderful things to discuss.

Still, you get this drivel, so it’s not a total loss.

Hi There Again

I’m going to try something that I hope will pan out: regular blogging. I’m setting a schedule that ideally will make me more likely to write more often.

  • Sunday: Current Events – news, politics, issues of the day
  • Monday: Science and Technology – gee-whiz exciting stuff
  • Tuesday: (Off)
  • Wednesday: Tuesday Game Night Recap – who attended, what games were played, occasional victory laps
  • Thursday: Culture, Pop & Otherwise – movies, video games, comics, books, possible spoilers
  • Friday: Music Discovery – back to my “Friday Finds,” new bands or old favorites
  • Saturday: (Off)

I will be alternating Sunday one week with Monday the next; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I hope to do weekly. I’m not going to make myself crazy trying to stay on schedule, but I’m hoping this approach will lead to a steady stream of my brain thinkings flowing into the Internets. Because who doesn’t want that?

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that… kind of… is getting started… again.

Following the demise of Posterous, I’ve relocated this thing to WordPress. It appears I may have lost my “30 Songs in 30 Days” page, since it was not exported with the rest of the site. Ah well. A few hours ago, I was sure this whole site was lost to the ages.

So here we are back again. I hadn’t added anything since last October, and who knows when I’ll find the Next Postable Thing? But here it is. I hope to start up Daddy Music again over the summer.

I’m also on Tumblr, with this little side gig. I may move that over here after I get used to the WP environment.