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OK, this is pretty funny. It goes along with a recent discussion I was having about the use of “fucking” as a way to determine the stressed syllables in a word (e.g., you can say “un-fucking-believable” or “unbe-fucking-lievable” but you can’t say “unbeliev-fucking-able”)

And now it looks like I have another webcomic to add to my reading list. Out-fucking-rageous.

And speaking of new music…

Via the feed from the John Foxx & The Maths site, I found my way to Gazelle Twin.

Changelings Official Video by Gazelle Twin from Gazelle Twin on Vimeo.

I like. The bio makes her sound a bit like an intellectual, anti-pop Lady Gaga, with the costumes and masks and all, which comes off a little pretentious. (“Art with a capital ‘A'”? Really?)

But the music is strangely evocative (or perhaps evocatively strange). Check out the site’s interactive album, The Entire City, combining atmospheric electronica and ethereal, Kate Bush-like vocals with hypnotic video imagery. Blink and you’ll see something new.



This is a fascinating concept. Filmmaker makes a music video with the band’s permission, but as it begins to get popular on the Internet, the band yanks its permission and asks her to take the video down. She does, of course, but then releases the (soundless) video and invites the world to remix it.

I have no video editing tools (or skills) whatsoever, but I am interested to see what people come up with. I also wonder if the original band will regret their decision.

Click the image to get to the site and find out more.