Build Droids Instead Of Death Stars

“Don’t Come To The Dark Side: Acquisition Lessons From A Galaxy, Far, Far Away” (.pdf) is a brilliant commentary on military acquisitions, through a Star Wars filter. Written by an Air Force acquisitions specialist for a defense acquisitions periodical.

Sample: More than one writer inexplicably complimented Vader’s leadership style, conveniently overlooking his use of telekinetic strangulation as a primary motivational approach.

Default password on hotel safe – Boing Boing

This is annoying as hell. There is no reason a “default password” should persist once a guest has entered a locking password. If the guest forgets, the hotel should have a physical key (in a secured place) that can be used if necessary; but a default password that any chimp can guess is ridiculous.

“If We’re Not Back By Dawn, Call The President”: A Look Back At Big Trouble In Little China


First, they looked at Buckaroo Banzai. Now this. One of my all-time favorites as well, and this look back hits on all the reasons Big Trouble In Little China is such a jewel of a film.

Now I have to watch it again, very soon.

Click on Lo Pan’s gigantic head-needle for the full scoop.

Feminist Media Criticism, George R.R. Martin’s A Song Of Ice And Fire, And That Sady Doyle Piece | ThinkProgress

I’ve written a great deal lately about the way that nerds can be less than progressive, whether by failing to establish anti-harassment policies and ethos at conventions or by relying on continuity and fidelity to text as a way to disguise an antipathy to diversity. But if we want the nerdosphere to be a more progressive place, I think it’s important to mount critiques that will actually be effective, rather than ones that can make the critics feel self-righteous, which is why I’m so dismayed by Sady Doyle’s condescending and willfully misleading critique of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series and the people who read it.


This is a fascinating piece. Click the pic for the column, and be sure to click the link in it to see the “Sady Doyle piece” it refers to.

NOTE: I originaly and unintentionally posted the entire column. I have shortened it and made the picture actually link to the whole thing.