Build Droids Instead Of Death Stars

“Don’t Come To The Dark Side: Acquisition Lessons From A Galaxy, Far, Far Away” (.pdf) is a brilliant commentary on military acquisitions, through a Star Wars filter. Written by an Air Force acquisitions specialist for a defense acquisitions periodical.

Sample: More than one writer inexplicably complimented Vader’s leadership style, conveniently overlooking his use of telekinetic strangulation as a primary motivational approach.

“If We’re Not Back By Dawn, Call The President”: A Look Back At Big Trouble In Little China


First, they looked at Buckaroo Banzai. Now this. One of my all-time favorites as well, and this look back hits on all the reasons Big Trouble In Little China is such a jewel of a film.

Now I have to watch it again, very soon.

Click on Lo Pan’s gigantic head-needle for the full scoop.