So I downloaded Part 1 of the SXSW 2011 torrent. (Squee!) I shuffled it up and picked the first track that came up, and here it is. Welcome to Kid Canaveral. They’re out of Edinburgh, and, unlike many of the bands I discover via SXSW, they’re actually, um, currently active. I consider it a good omen that they showed up first. Don’t know what it might be an omen of, but something good. And music-y.

And the nice thing is, I like this track. Upbeat, nice pop sound, with sort of a children’s chorus thing going on that kind of clashes nicely with the title. Sorry I won’t be able to see them in Austin (::shakes fist at sky and bellows “Some day!”::), but maybe they’ll come to Chicago one of these days.

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