I Got You On Tape – Spinning for the Cause

I Got You On Tape (inevitably, IGYOT) is an indie band out of Copenhagen with a low-key sound that ranges from gritty to hypnotic and everywhere in between. (No, I don’t know if those adjectives are on opposite ends of a spectrum or what. Shut up.)

Lead singer Jakob Bellens has a deep voice that comes across as uncomplicated and slightly bleak. In this live recording, it’s pretty rough at first, as if he was singing his way through the aftermath of a drunken break-up.

This track was on the SXSW 2011 torrent; this video is a live performance of the song from some show in Denmark. I liked it enough to go out and pull down the band’s first album (the eponymous I Got You On Tape, from 2006). The songs are all relatively slow-paced, like this one, but never drag. (And in most of them, Bellens sounds eerily like David Bowie.)

I’m finding a lot of high-quality alternative/post-punk music these days coming out of Denmark, Belgium, and the Netherlands these days. Last week it was Nid & Sancy, this week these guys… maybe next week, I’ll put up some De Staat.

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