30 Songs in 30 Days: day 13 – a song that is a guilty pleasure


OK, I admit it. I like Jethro Tull. I grew up with the band, especially Aqualung, which remains one of my favorite all-time records. But I wouldn’t consider that a guilty pleasure. See, Aqualung (and Thick as a Brick, the other Tull album I am most familiar with) can be viewed as pretty straight-up rock albums. Not so Songs From The Wood – that one is the bastard child of a classic power rock album and a Renaissance Faire. See Ian Anderson caper about with his flute, like a demented Pan! Watch as he bugs out his eyes and smashes cymbals together – huzzah! Where’s my flagon of ale and giant turkey leg? When’s the Mud Show?

Be that as it may, I totally adore this album, and I will endure any amount of teasing for it. The harmonies and the lyrics press my D&D/medieval/Celtophile nerd buttons eight ways from Sunday, and the fusion with the rock guitar, drums and keyboard is epic. The title song, here, is but one. There’s also Jack in the Green, The Whistler, and my personal favorite, Hunting Girl. That might be an even guiltier pleasure, I suppose, because of the suggestive lyrics, so I’ll include it here.

Honest, I only listen for the music.

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