A Thing I’m Doing (Daddy Music, Volume 0)

So I’ve been casting around for a project to do this year – like you do – and I have hit on an idea that I think could be kind of cool. I’m going to try to post a blog entry every week or two in which my 8-year-old son and I listen to song from my collection and then discuss it here alongside the track. Ideally, this will help me both to vaccinate him against the pop crap he’s exposed to among his peer group (“Put down the Hot Chelle Ray and step away slowly….”); and to reconsider and refine my own musical sensibilities.

My big question at the moment is format. The two options I am considering are (1) allow him to drive the keyboard and give his reviews/impressions, and then write my own, or (2) interview him about the song and write it up in a Q-and-A format. I’d be open to alternatives, so let me know in comments if you have any other suggestions.

Watch for Daddy Music, Vol. 1 sometime in the next week or so.

4 thoughts on “A Thing I’m Doing (Daddy Music, Volume 0)

  1. I actually thought about it as a podcast, but there’s some set-up and technical overhead that I’m just not equipped to deal with (i.e., I’m too damned lazy). That remains a possibility at some point, though.


  2. Then I’d suggest doing it as a typed up Q&A. I think you’ll get better thoughts from him that way anyway.


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