Hi There Again

I’m going to try something that I hope will pan out: regular blogging. I’m setting a schedule that ideally will make me more likely to write more often.

  • Sunday: Current Events – news, politics, issues of the day
  • Monday: Science and Technology – gee-whiz exciting stuff
  • Tuesday: (Off)
  • Wednesday: Tuesday Game Night Recap – who attended, what games were played, occasional victory laps
  • Thursday: Culture, Pop & Otherwise – movies, video games, comics, books, possible spoilers
  • Friday: Music Discovery – back to my “Friday Finds,” new bands or old favorites
  • Saturday: (Off)

I will be alternating Sunday one week with Monday the next; Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday I hope to do weekly. I’m not going to make myself crazy trying to stay on schedule, but I’m hoping this approach will lead to a steady stream of my brain thinkings flowing into the Internets. Because who doesn’t want that?

Say something!

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