30 Songs in 30 Days: day 27 – a song that you wish you could play

Can I say “all of them” for this one? No?

As I noted in my last post, I wish I could play an instrument. Even at my advanced age, I still have delusions of becoming a rock star, or at least of playing in a band. Fortunately, thanks to the wonders of technology, I can indulge an ersatz version of that delusion: Rock Band. Oh, I’m not very good – I find Medium difficulty is quite enough of a challenge, thank you very much. For a while, I had a regular weekly “band session” going – it may be about time to reinstate that – and there were so many songs I enjoyed playing.  I could choose almost any of them for this meme posting.

Instead, I’m picking one that is available, but that I don’t have, and thus that I don’t think i’ve ever had a chance to play. It’s an amazing song, and I would give an internal organ to be able to play guitar so I could take a shot at this. (I am encouraging my son to take guitar lessons so he can become the rock god I would like to be.)

Them Crooked Vultures is a so-called “supergroup,” formed by Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age; Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters; and John Paul Jones, of Revolutionary War naval history… no wait, wrong guy. John Paul Jones of Led Zeppelin. These guys can play, and when I hear the opening riff, my hands go instantly into air guitar mode. Can’t help myself.

Driving, raunchy, bluesy. I cannot hear this song enough.

Here’s a bonus video: somebody ran the song in Rock Band at Expert level (in the Spanish-language version of the game) without playing, just to show the charts. Frankly, if you can play it on Expert, you might as well get a real guitar and play it for real. The video also has the lyrics, so you can sing along if you want.

Buen ritmo!