What we’ve got here… is failure to communicate.

I have been having trouble keeping to my proposed bloggination schedule. For example, I haven’t come up with any recent music discoveries to justify a Friday Finds; and Sundays are supposed to be for political/current events rants cogent analysis, but I have yet to come up with anything in that realm that inspired me enough to write about. The only consistent blogging I’ve done – if you consider three weeks in a row the height of consistency WHICH IT TOTALLY IS – has been the Game Night Recaps every Wednesday.

So I have decided to throw off the chains I forged for myself – and the low-level anxiety that comes from failing to stick to it – and just try to put something up every few days, with the GNRs on Wednesday being a regular touchpoint.

I think I have a gee-whiz tech thing for tomorrow, so don’t touch that dial!

Also, I changed the theme, which you certainly will have noticed if you read this far.